Procedure And Meaning Of Funeral Homes

Funeral homes, a place where someone’s dead body is shifted or transferred and prepared for burial. Let’s peak into what really affordable funerals in Melbourne mean and what importance it has in different places plus how other families take care of their ones after their death and prepare further for burial. 

So now the question that takes place is the following:

How much time period is in between death and funeral? The time between one’s death and a funeral is about 7 to 14 days, some deaths demand further hidden information that could be confidential too in some cases and need some research and fully systematic examination. And sometimes it gets late like more than two to three weeks.

Decision making regarding the further process:

 Body to be buried or cremated into ashes: Now this decision is something totally handed over to the relatives or closest of the dead that took its responsibility to take it to its end, as both decisions of funeral carry different ways of making their ka (i.e soul of the dead) free. Funeral Expenses: It depends, the average cost for a funeral with burial costs $7000 to $12000 whereas the average cost of a funeral with cremation costs $6000 to $7000. Other than that, there is so much more to explore in differences about burial and cremation in right funeral homes.

  • Let me add on, in some countries, people preplan their funeral and discuss it and set and chose everything they want and would like on theirs.

 Dressing and casketing the body:

So the very first step after giving the body a proper cleasing bath,here comes it’s dressing and casketing, where body is set or laying on a stretcher kind of thing and make it change clothes according to them or any white big cloth that is lose, fitted to body and yes it gets a little hard as holding the body completly on your weight and then and just being carefull about it.Further more, in some countries and places far away people do makeup and make the dead look kind of fresh and littile beautiful and sometimes make it wear socks, slippers or even boots as they have different beliefs concerning about the world hereafter.And then packing it in a box called casketing, decorating it with some fresh flowers according to their like taking it as before decided plan whether cremating it or simply burying.And all family members,relatives close friends are invited in its event and mourn on theirs dead ones as they feel this way of mourning is important part of funeral homes


These are the few tips and the procedures which are done by everyone around the world who go under the sorrow of death in their relatives, family or friends.