Problems Caused By Water Damage To Carpets

Carpets are a common part of many households. They are used to cover the floor of the house. They can get wet when they come in contact with water. Water can cause damage to a carpet. A carpet is made of fabric and fibres. The fabric and fibres of most carpets are not waterproof. As many as thirty to forty percent of all carpets are. It waterproof. As many as one third of these carpets can be damaged if they come in contact with water. Wet carpets are a significant problem in homes with little or no ventilation. Ventilation is only possible if the architecture of the house supports it. It needs multiple windows on every side of the house. The windows need to be of an adequate size to allow the passage of sir and wind. Small windows to not allow ventilation to occur. This is because air cannot pass through small windows. Large windows are ideal for ventilation. As mentioned above ventilation is required for reducing water damage to carpets.

Carpets are often made of synthetic fibres. Almost fifty to sixty percent of all affordable wet carpet drying in Sydney today are made of artificial fibres. Artificial fibres include polyester and plastic. Polyester based fibres are resistant to water damage. However, this does not mean they are not harmed by water. Woollen carpets are more prone to water damage. Wool is more easily damaged by water than synthetic fibres. Cotton carpets are even more vulnerable to water damage. Cotton carpets soak up the water and do not release it. The water also causes the cotton carpets to shrink in size. This means that they shrink in size when they are wet. Cotton carpets have largely been replaced by other fibres. This is because cotton carpets are more prone to water damage.

Wet carpets need to be dried immediately. Damage can occur if water is logged into a carpet for too long. A carpet flood damage in Melbourne might start to give off a smell if it remains wet for too long. The smell caused by wet carpets is very foul. It can. Cause diseases and is unpleasant in general. It can be nearly impossible to remove this smell. This means it can render a carpet unusable. This is the reason many people replace their old carpets when they get wet. There are ways to dry wet carpets that save them from water damage.

Carpets are dried using special vacuum cleaners. Regular vacuum cleaners cannot be used to dry a carpet. They are ineffective in saving carpets from water damage. This is why special carpets are used for the purpose. The vacuum cleaner sucks the water from the carpet making it dry in the process. This is a common method used to dry carpets.